Philosophy is the love of wisdom and wisdom is the true knowledge of the Self.

Self-realisation is the aim of all true philosophy and the fulfilment of man is to realise that truth about himself.

Leon MacLaren

Truth lives in each of us

waiting to be revealed,

but does not act as master.

In truth each is made whole;

in truth, all are united.


The School’s courses treat philosophy as a personal and practical attitude to life and its opportunities enabling people to deepen and develop understanding of life and of oneself. They are not academic courses such as would be followed in a university.

This approach to philosophy has engaged philosophers and sages of every culture in every age. Examples can be drawn from many systems and civilizations; from many eastern and western countries; from the experience of indigenous peoples the world over; from Western philosophy and from many other sources. From all these it is possible to discern the common ground of Advaita Philosophy. Each in its own way points to a transcendent reality which can be discovered by patient enquiry and practical effort, and to principles for living in the light of knowing something of that reality.

Advaita - understanding the unity which underlies everyone and everything. This philosophy is known as Advaita Philosophy (Advaita is a Sanskrit word which means “not two”).

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The study of philosophy in the School is directed to discovering what can be known about this common ground of Advaita Philosophy and to making the best use of that knowledge and its effects for the welfare of all. This is what we mean by spiritual and practical knowledge – knowledge of the transcendent reality which can be put to practical use.

Graphic displaying the essential elements of Philosophy - knowledge, meditation, practice for the school of practical philosophy.

The cornerstones of Practical Philosophy are Knowledge, Meditation and Practice. For any progress to be made in realising the truth, these three aspects need to be developed together. Practice starts at the physical level through the application of knowledge with a focussed mind, which informs us of what to do and how to do it. Meditation brings the being to stillness and opens the heart.

School of Philosophy gave me much needed perspective on life in general, as well as on the idea of myself as a human being.

Phenomenal insights gained through a truly well put together system.

Thank you for igniting a fire within me...

Looking forward to becoming "Whole"!

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