School of Practical Philosophy

The School of Practical Philosophy, Gauteng is a centre for spiritual and practical knowledge and enquiry.

The School aims to help individuals lead a fuller, richer and more useful life and to evolve the spiritual aspect of their being in accordance with natural laws.

This aim is pursued primarily by offering courses in practical philosophy.

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Practical Philosophy Wisdom Within Course

Online or In-person


Courses at various venues/online start in May 2024 - see specific course for details.


Leon MacLaren - Founder

The Way of Wisdom leads a man through knowledge, and he finds in the light of that knowledge, himself; he takes to study, study of the scriptures, to deep meditation, and, of course, to practice, because he knows that knowledge is only understood in practice.

The cornerstones of Practical Philosophy are Knowledge, Meditation and Practice. For any progress to be made in realising the truth, these three aspects need to be developed together.