Terms & Conditions for Online Classes

  • I give my consent to the School to collect, store and update the personal information that I provide to the School about myself.  I agree that the School can provide the necessary information to authorized representatives of the School such as tutors etc. for a lawful purpose only.  I further consent to the School or the School’s authorized representative to take reasonable, practicable steps to ensure that the personal information provided is complete, accurate, not misleading and updated when necessary.
  • Enrolment must be made online via the website (not in-person or by phone).
  • We regret that guests are not permitted.
  • The payment for the online course is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Like most schools, this school has a prescribed sequence of study which includes a progression from one class to the next in that sequence.
    • Introductory Course (Philosophy Part 1A & Part 1B)
      Miss more than five (5) classes and you cannot continue to Philosophy Part 2. When a student ‘completes’ a class (i.e. attended 5 or more classes) that student cannot repeat that class.
    • Philosophy Part 2
      Miss more than four (4) classes and you cannot continue to Philosophy Part 3. When a student ‘completes’ a class (i.e. attended 7 or more classes assuming an 11 week term) that student cannot repeat that class.
    • For Philosophy Parts 3-5:There is a prerequisite for all classes except the Introductory Course and a set progression from class to class which includes not repeating classes which have been completed without permission. Must have attended prior Part within the prior year (or see below under “All Classes” for re-commencing studies). Miss more than three (3) classes and you cannot continue to the next class.
  • If you were in the school in the past and would like to re-commence your studies, please write to sppgau@practicalphilosophy.org.za and advise to what level you attended and, if remembered, who was your most recent tutor.  Someone will then be in touch to review what is the appropriate class for your continuation.