Practical Philosophy Part 1A


Spring Term : 20 Sep – 28 Nov
One session a week for 10 weeks.

Each session will be approximately 1hr 30mins.

Day & Time Options: 

  • Tues at 19:00 (starting 21 Sept)
  • Wed at 19:00 (starting 22 Sept)
  • Thurs at 19:00 (starting 23 Sept)
  • Sat at 10:00 (starting 25 Sept)

Cost: R350.00

Where : Online

Prerequisites : None

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Practical Philosophy is the exploration of knowledge, wisdom and ideas you can use to make sense of your world. It’s about discovering the truth of things – not in theory, but in our own experience.

This ten week course looks at profound principles that lead to a new outlook, and suggests simple steps towards living a better, more meaningful and serene life.

The course is practical in the sense that it is designed to be of direct use in our everyday lives. The intention is to stimulate enquiry and through this expand the way we look at the world and ourselves, conferring happiness and freedom.

Part 1A covers the following:

  • The Wisdom Within – Philosophy and wisdom. Being and awareness.
  • Self-Discovery – Who am I? What is my potential? How do I realise it?
  • Being Awake – Explore deeper levels of awareness. How can we become more awake to the world around us?
  • The Present Moment – Living in the present, the now. A simple practice to help us live in the present moment more frequently.
  • Living Justly – Ways we might use Plato’s ideas on justice and injustice in our daily lives.

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Tues at 19:00, Wed at 19:00, Thur at 19:00, Sat at 10:00