Practical Philosophy & Meditation

Parts 2 - 5

The Philosophy Part 1 Course is a complete study in itself. However, we would encourage you to explore and deepen your understanding further beyond the first term and we offer a range of opportunities to enable you to do so.

For students who have completed the Philosophy Part 1 Course, we run follow-on courses. Each course runs for 12 weeks.


Part 2 - Philosophy & Happiness

The true nature of happiness. Being in tune with one’s own nature. The principle that all be happy. Observing the movements of the mind.The present and passing time.The difference between pleasure and happiness. Natural values continued. Attention and efficiency.


Part 3 - Philosophy & Love

The importance of love. How it is gained and how it is lost. The nature of love overcoming limits. The things that conceal love. What it is that is loved. The nature of gratitude. Love and law. Freedom of love and law together.  Love guided by wisdom.


Part 4 - Philosophy & Presence of Mind

What in truth is present and receiving knowledge from what is present. Plato’s analogy of the cave. The importance of nourishing the mind. The power of decision and attention. The nature of criticism. The powers of thought, decision, love and will as universal powers.


Part 5 - Philosophy & Freedom

Freedom, Truth and Love. Freedom and the Play of Life. Freedom of Speech. Dialectic and Freedom. Emotional Freedom. Freedom and the Heart. Freedom from Tyranny. Freedom and Humanity. Freedom and True Being.