Plato uses the analogy of a ship sailing safely to its destination to illustrate the need for real knowledge of navigation. Human life also needs to be directed by knowledge as distinguished from mere opinion, belief or supposition.

Leon MacLaren - Founder

Those who have the knowledge of the Self, are of one kind, and those who haven't yet cottoned on are of another. It's a most astonishing gift, this Truth about your Self, there's nothing quite like it, because the knowledge of the Self opens up the knowledge of everything.


What is Wisdom?

The knowledge which will enable a person to live truly and happily.


The School’s courses treat philosophy as a personal and practical attitude to life and its opportunities, enabling people to deepen and develop understanding of life and of oneself. The Courses:

  • Promote the understanding of philosophy, the meaning of Man's existence, the purpose of life and the art of Self-knowledge.
  • Promote the study of human beings, their place in the world, their thoughts, feelings and actions, the relation of art, science and religion, and the formative and disruptive forces in human life.
  • Promote the study, by drawing on all sources of inspiration to Mankind, of philosophies that are recognised as expounding the Laws governing Creation and human existence.
  • Draw on the revelations of the great religions, such as Christian, Judaic, Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic, and for this purpose to promote the study of the Holy Scriptures and other religious writings.
  • Promote the study of the inspiration and works of Master artists, so as to appreciate the expression of Truth in the realm of Art.

The course makes no attempt to cover all philosophers or traditions. Rather we draw inspiration from a wide range of teachings which we consider have most to offer to those seeking happiness and truth in their lives.

They are not academic courses such as would be followed in a university.

What students have to say...

This course is the best thing I have done for myself in years. I absolutely love the knowledge and the peace of mind I have gained. I can't express how much it is worth doing. Everyone should do this course.

The simple exercises presented in the course have really changed my life. Just learning to rest in the present moment eliminated a ton of stress from my life, and has certainly improved my relationships and sense of well-being.

Being in the school has changed my life in every aspect. I used to be so sensitive to other people’s comments about me. Now I just let them go and see things as they are.