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The great secret is to have recourse to the ever-present blessing of the teachings of the great masters. Drink at that fountain and you will never run dry.

 Leon MacLaren




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Who are the teachers at the School?


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The School’s courses are taught by students who have studied and practised in the School for some years and who remain students themselves. Their role is not to deliver a package of knowledge, but rather to assist students to discover for themselves through practice and observation.

In the fifty or more years during which it has engaged in this kind of study the School has gained considerable experience which it makes available through its tutoring system, based on a principle of continuous learning and passing on what has been understood.

The ultimate responsibility for all this lies with the School leader and senior tutor, Mr Donald Lambie, who has been in that position since 1994 and was himself taught and trained by the School’s founder, Leon MacLaren. All the tutoring in the School and nearly all of the support functions are carried out on a voluntary basis without payment.

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