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Upliftment – St James Preparatory School


 St James

Recognising the unity of all, and that “everyone is a child of God”,

the School offers a balanced education for boys and

girls that develops the whole person in body, mind and

spirit and encourages each child to achieve his or her full

potential for the greater good and service of all.


St James Preparatory School


Truth – Love – Service


In Education, students from the School in London founded the St. James Independent Schools for Boys and Girls in 1975 with the intention of meeting a need for education with a philosophic and spiritual content, for children. The School continues to support the St. James Schools although they are a separate and independent organisation. Today they are thriving institutions with a high reputation for the quality and originality of the education they provide.

There are now eight associated schools for children working from the same or similar principles in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Trinidad.

The St. James School in Johannesburg was established in 1999. Situated at 61 Berg Street, Belgravia, it comprises a pre-primary and primary school.

Through St. James the School of Practical Philosophy collectively works at achieving its secondary aim of seeking to work and live in such ways so as to serve and enrich the society and world in which we live.

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