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Integrity is a quality that is founded in actual behaviour, behaviour that adheres to the human principles of equity, justice and honesty. Trust is created where individuals behave towards themselves and others in a way that demonstrates these qualities and not simply pays lip service to them.

 Stephen Covey




Philosophy for Business

The Art of Moral Management

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This course explains how the principles of truth, love, justice and freedom operate naturally as integrity, trust, service and creativity.

It shows how living these principles is not only practical but is vital to the long term sustain-ability of any enterprise as well as to the personal well-being of all who are touched by them.

 “Business at its best is an instrument for the creation of wealth for the benefit of all, wealth that can be used for the common good. When business flourishes the fruits can be used to improve the working of society, including developments in culture and education as well as general prosperity and well-being. These lofty aims are well worth the effort of pursuing them.”

Paul Palmarozza & Chris Rees

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