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The principle aim of the School is complete liberation, or put another way, the realisation of Man’s full potential. It is a voyage of discovery. Together with that there is the secondary purpose of seeking to live and work in such a way as to serve and enrich the society in which we live.

This aim is pursued primarily by offering courses in practical philosophy which are presented with a stimulating approach and on the principle of neither accepting nor rejecting what is presented, but verifying it through one’s own experience. Students may continue their studies for as long as they wish. Some stay for a few terms and some for many years. The courses follow a structured system through which students are introduced, over a period of time, to meditation, service and Sanskrit.

More recently, some of the Gauteng branches use the Bhagawad Geeta to introduce Advaita Philosophy courses. Advaita Philosophy courses are also available in the School’s Centre for Meditation.

The practical nature of philosophy shows itself in the way people conduct themselves as they go about the ordinary business of living and in their relationships with the community and society around them.

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