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Courses – Meditation Intro v2


In order to be what we are, we have to come out of what we are not. Those thoughts and feelings, those sensations, you are not. You are not that restless separate ego. Through meditation we give up all these things, (and when we reach the transcendental state, we begin) to find out what we are, and then we realise what broughtup this whispering “I am that”; the birds are singing “I am that”; the moon and stars chorusing “I am that”. I am a note in the world’s symphony; so, to begin to be what we are, we have not got to give up anything real. All the unreal world is created by our own thoughts and ideas; give up these, and we come to the real. And we do not have to do anything to give up; we simply come to meditate, and the meditation gives everything up for us.

Śrī Śāntānanda Sarasvatī 


      Courses in Meditation

     Running at the following venues in Term 1 2019 :

Venue Start Date Start Time Enrol
Joburg Intro Talk
Thur 24 Jan 19:30  
Joburg Course Starts Thur 24 Jan 19:30  ENROL
Pretoria Intro Talk
Tues 22 Jan 19:00 Free.
Pretoria Course Starts Tues 29 Jan 19:00  ENROL
Lenasia Intro Talk
Sun 27 Jan 10:00 – 11:00 Free.
Lenasia Course Starts Sat 2 Feb 08:30  ENROL
Benoni Intro Talk
Sat 26 Jan 12:00 – 13:30 Free.
Benoni Course Starts Wed 6 Feb 19:00  ENROL


A Method for cultivating inner stillness and peace


Overview      |      Introductory Module      |      Further Modules

This ten-week module gives an overview and aim of the practice of meditation. It explores the reasons why one needs to meditate and why it is said to be the master key to full realisation and the most important factor in spiritual development. It also looks at the simplicity of the meditation technique and how the form is designed to explore the inner life, making it practical for daily living and how it leads to a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. The material looks at how to overcome the barriers to still the over-active mind through the use of an ancient and effective exercise, also to explore the proper use of the intellect with a glance at the causal aspect of the mind and its predispositions.

Below is a week-by-week outline of what will be discussed during the Introductory Module:

  • On practising meditation, the method; a practical exercise to still the mind.
  • Why meditate, the simplicity of the practice.
  • Barriers to meditation; the active mind; discrimination – that which knows true from false.
  • Support of the practice; the intellect and the two aspects of mind; an exercise in attention.
  • Advantages of meditation; the causal aspect of mind.
  • The Tradition behind meditation; observable benefits.
  • Preparation for the ceremony.
  • Term review; the importance of rest between activities.
  • Group meditation; key questions and answers.
  • Finding the deep peace within; the three levels of rest.


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Course Details 2019

Term Duration 10 weeks
Class Frequency Once a week
Class Duration 2 Hrs (approx)
Course Cost See note below
Pre-Requisites None
Notes According to the Tradition a gift of money,
according to means, is made at the initiation ceremony. Subsequent modules are at the normal rate for foundation courses.





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