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Courses – Economics Intro


Wealth owes its existence to labour, not labour to wealth.
Leon MacLaren 


Economics with justice at its heart


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This course examines such questions as: Can everyone be wealthy? Why are there so many poor people in rich countries and why are there very rich people in poor countries?

So few countries in the world produce and consume so much of its wealth. So many people in the world fail to reach their economic potential. The course asks: Is this inevitable? How could it improve? What are the principles governing access to land and other natural resources?

This course offers a challenging perspective on economics for anyone who has wondered why economic a affairs are organised the way they are – and whether there might be a better way. Most economic systems are based on assumptions. What are they? Whose are they? Whom do they benefit?

To see different possibilities requires a different way of looking.

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 Economics Course Details

Class Frequency Once a week for 10 weeks
Class Duration 2hrs (approx.)
Course Cost R1000 Recommended
Pre-requisites Absolutely no prior experience required, other than a desire that all may live well.


Courses starting in Jan 2019

Venue Start Date Start Time Enrol
Benoni Wed 6 Feb 19:00  ENROL


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