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The challenge of Economics is to discover the laws governing the workings of societies and their economies so that we can order our affairs in a way that allows everyone to live full, natural and prosperous lives if they choose to do so.





Economics with justice at its heart


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Economics: Theory and Practice

This course builds on the principles discussed in the Introductory course. Many students ask about the basic economic systems – classical, neo-classical, Marxist, Keynesian, monetarist. This course gives brief descriptions of these and assesses the extent to which they demonstrate natural laws and the effects they have had. Study of great economists and their ideas is used to focus attention on some of the hidden assumptions of economic life – the idea of property, the place of land, labour and capital as factors of production; the importance of natural resources and the incomes derived from them and the role of government in managing modern economics. Understanding these enables students to see the causes of many of the modern economies and how they might be avoided or resolved.

Growth, Sustainability and Human Development

Economic growth has become the standard by which the success of national economies and international businesses are judged. But economic growth is also having a devastating effect on our planet. Can the human economy continue to offer greater and greater wealth without destroying its own foundations? This course looks at the big questions facing the globalised economy. Is economic growth sustainable? Can the natural environment survive the impact of the industrialisation? How can human beings cope with technological advance and ecological change? What can we do to help? Building on the analysis offered in the previous two courses, this course explores how economic affairs can be arranged so as to offer freedom, justice and equity to humanity without destructive exploitation or misuse of the natural world.

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