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  • Difficult to grasp at times but the course was great.
  • I feel that the search for my purpose is finally over – I am home.
  • Very happy to be at this course – it made me know what I didn’t know!
  • The practical examples shared by all the group members on the practices are priceless!



Practical Philosophy

Practical Philosophy for Daily Living

Overview      |      Introductory Module      |      Further Modules

After completing the Introductory Module in Practical Philosophy, students are invited to continue with the study in further modules, exploring the relationship between philosophy and a range of subjects.

Part 2 – Happiness

– The true nature of happiness
– Being in tune with one’s own nature
– Immortality and divinity of the soul
– States of attention
– Attention and efficiency
– Stepping free from the passing grip of time

Part 3 – Love

– The true nature of love, overcoming all limits
– “Love thy neighbour as thyself”
– Willingness and wilfulness
– Unity of knowledge and love
– Relationship of law and love
– Love guided by wisdom

Part 4 – Presence of Mind

– Discrimination of passing and the eternal
– Plato’s analogy of the cave
– Being in touch with the present
– The need for Second line work
– Transcending limits and overcoming division
– The power of will and attention
– The practice of meditation

Part 5 – Freedom

– Freedom, love and truth – the relationship
– Going backstage for new energy and knowledge
– Valuation, choice, practice and memory
– Valuation, reason and discrimination
– Freedom from the tyranny of “I”, “me” and “mine”
– Initiation into mantra meditation
– Economic freedom

Additional Modules:

Part 6 – Action

Part 7 – Devotion

Part 8 – Knowledge

Part 9 – The Way of the Householder


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