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The ultimate unit for economic consideration is the family… When cultural, religious and philosophical traditions become weak, the disintegration of family begins. Individuals become greedy for security. Once general greed takes over, the economic structure begins to crack.

 Śrī Śāntānanda Sarasvatī



Economics with justice at its heart


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However one looks at economics, the question is whether phenomena such as boom and bust cycles together with grinding poverty and injustice are indeed natural or necessary. A belief to the contrary was the founding inspiration of the School of Economic Science (with which the School of Practical Philosophy in Gauteng is affiliated) amidst the depression and despair of the 1930s. Guided by the belief that truth and justice should guide its studies, the School examined the natural laws governing relations between people living in society.

It found inspiration and insights in the writings of, inter alia, Henry George who highlighted the key significance of access to land and natural resources, a topic of particular relevance to South Africa.

Today, following the same inspiration, economics is studied and taught in the School as economics-with-justice, or JustEconomics. This is an approach to economics with justice at its heart, an approach that offers new perspectives on economic thought and practices.


Adding a sense of justice to the study of economics makes a difference. Wherever economic arrangements appear to result in injustice and poverty, we can be fairly sure that something has gone wrong. By studying natural laws that govern the relations between human beings living in society and with the natural world which supports us, it is possible to identify where things go wrong and what to do about them in order to restore economic justice and prosperity. In offering these courses we attempt to identify natural laws, which offer the possibility of economic justice and prosperity, and show how they relate to the economic world around us in the 21st century.

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