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… the whole of life is practise in fact, there’s nothing you do that isn’t practise, the only question is what are you practising? Are you practising to achieve full realisation, or are you practising to stay asleep a little longer?

It’s very simple; it doesn’t change the job you have to do. What changes is the way you do it.

 Leon MacLaren



Practical Philosophy


Overview Discovery Through Experience | Teachers 


The key to studying philosophy this way is that it is not theoretical. In fact it is intensely practical and experiential. Although considerable help and insight can be drawn from the works of countless philosophers, writers, artists, musicians and others who have illuminated this study, it is only useful when it becomes a matter of personal experience.

Philosophic study in the School is therefore directed at helping people, as best as may be possible, towards personal experience of the insights of philosophy in practice.

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