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  • The material looks simple, but every time I come here, I walk away with so much enlightenment about myself, about business and about the world.
  • The course has impacted me deeply … I feel at one with my vision.
  • The course assisted me in identifying my blind spots.







Philosophy for Business

The Art of Moral Management

Overview     |     Course Content

This ten week course looks at profound life principles and how they can be applied to business activities. It  addresses the question of whether one can work in business in accordance with true principles and still be successful, and if so, how.

Below is an outline of what will be discussed during the course.

  1. Wisdom in Business – Can I be honest and succeed in business? The effects of wisdom on Decisions, Employment, Profit and People.
  2. Core Value – Common misconceptions that prevent us being honest and true to ourselves.
  3. Principles – What do we truly value? Be guided by universal principles. How is wealth created?
  4. Service – Every individual can serve and serve fully. Three levels of service. Intention, attention, retention.
  5. Leadership – Leaders either limit or release capacity in people. What leads you?
  6. Communication – The importance and meaning of communication. Why our speech lacks authority. The key to listening.
  7. Ethics – Decisions on the basis of what is true. Good and bad action. Measure decisions against an ethical checklist.
  8. Relationships – All relationships can be harmonious. The purpose of relationship is twofold – happiness and success.
  9. Vision – The importance of vision as guide. Vision is the cause and life is the effect. Contribute to the universal vision for mankind.
  10. Moving Forward – Revise and clarify individual development needs moving forward.


 Philosophy for Business
Course Details

Class Frequency Once a week for 10 weeks
Class Duration 2hrs (approx.)
Course Cost Recommended R890
Fees payable at start
Pre-requisites None.
Note Note that this is a once-off course.

  Philosophy for Business


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